A medical career and training is a marathon and not a sprint so locuming can introduce not only a variety of hospitals, sought after runs and new skills but a chance to have a break away and ensure your own wellbeing.

But finding the time to search all the jobs on all the websites and know what is best for the precious time you have available, let alone sort the finer points can be a headache you don’t need.

Leverage your time and let us take care of the detail and present opportunities that fit your wish-list, career and lifestyle stage without the hassle.

What sort of work is available?

Short dates and longer blocks of work, as well as permanent positions in sought after locations, are available across both New Zealand and Australia and can include:

  • Short notice and urgent sick leave cover
  • Ends of runs
  • Medium fixed term roles (eg 6 months)
  • 12 month and permanent placement
  • Bridging fixed term roles for RMO to Junior Registrar level
  • Non-training and some training options for fixed term or permanent placements.
  • Transitioning options from SHO to Registrar level and those moving to Senior Registrar/Advanced Trainee level

Are you looking for us?

  • Those that want the best jobs at the best pay
  • Those that value their time and would like more
  • You want a change of pace
  • If you want to explore work/holiday options where you may be able to take the family with you
  • If you need additional skills training
  • You want to add flexibility to a crowded roster
  • You need a cash injection for a holiday, renovation, house purchase or to pay down debt
  • You want to refine your skills and leadership as you gain experience


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