Our Process

Getting to know you

We know you are more than the sum of your qualifications, work experience and electronic footprint. Therefore for us to offer you the best value we start with a casual chat finding out what you want, what you need and if you have any plans on where you want to go. We call this our initial interview and is the beginning of us getting to know you better. From here we can suggest opportunities, give advice on any registration, skills or paperwork requirements and away we go. Taking the time here means we can provide you better matches more quickly.


Give a little

We take pride in enabling you to do what you do best and which is best value of your time and lead you through the paperwork requirements as per your chosen direction. As a start an updated CV, references and proof of ID and qualification is an industry and health provider necessity. Trust in us that we will make it as pain free as possible when it comes to paperwork, its just one of those things that goes hand in hand with a new job be it locum or permanent but we are skilled in the art of the paperwork war!

TIP: the quicker you get us what we need (paperwork, ID etc) the quicker we can get you what you want (free time, jobs, income etc)!

Now for the magic

Whether you are looking for a job every week or month or just 1 a year we can look all the time for you and minimise trolling search engines with vague minimal info and 15,000 jobs. We will be in contact with you as it suits you and when a great opportunity that matches your wish list.
Many great jobs are not advertised and even if they are we want to get you the best terms, facilities and work environment that is best for your stage of career.

See our true colours

Our team is passionate about finding you opportunities which suit your level, skill set and wish list. Honesty and transparency, a high level of efficiency and always a smile on the other end of the phone is what you can expect from us. Support and follow up is key to our commitment and service to you and it makes our day to make your day!



Thank you so much for believing in me and for all your help in making my dream a reality. This opportunity wouldn’t have materialized without your help, tenacity, and perseverance.

Our family is highly thankful for making this possible.


Emergency RMO Doctor

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