Privacy and Confidentiality Policy


▪ This policy applies to all employees, contractors and subcontractors (“STAT Recruitment employees”) of STAT Recruitment while at work and outside normal work hours.

▪ This policy applies to all assets owned, used, stored and managed by STAT Recruitment. This includes but is not limited to information, hardware and software.

Privacy and Confidentiality

▪ STAT Recruitment gathers personal and agency information for statutory and reasonable operational purposes. This policy provides a framework for access to, and use of information gathered in the course of conducting business activities.

▪ STAT Recruitment will take all reasonable steps consistent with the laws of New Zealand to protect the privacy of the individual or agency when collecting, using or disclosing information required for business purposes.

▪ Under the Privacy Act 2020, the STAT Recruitment employees have rights and obligations and in particular rights of access to, and correction of, personal information.


The Privacy Act and Disclosure of Information

▪ STAT Recruitment may, from time to time, share personal information about the STAT Recruitment employees (including duties and salary details) with third parties. This may be for the purposes of payroll, human resources and employment law support, IT systems, emails, and for any other genuine business purpose. The transfer of such information to such third parties may include storage of the information offshore.

▪ Consistent with the provisions of the Privacy Act and other legislation, individuals and agencies have a right to privacy over their information held by STAT Recruitment.

▪ STAT Recruitment will normally collect information directly from the individual or agency and only for purposes connected with a function or activity of STAT Recruitment.

▪ STAT Recruitment will take all reasonable steps to ensure the information it holds is protected against loss, access, use or modification other than with the authority of STAT Recruitment.

▪ Information will only be held for as long as it is relevant. Copies of relevant correspondence will be kept and archived.

▪ Individuals and agencies have specific rights of access to information held about them. Typically, an individual or agency may:
– request a copy of all information held; and
– request correction of information held; and
– request that there be attached to their information a statement of the correction sought that is not made by STAT Recruitment.

▪ Information supplied under an obligation of confidentiality (e.g., a confidential reference) remains confidential to STAT Recruitment.

▪ The Privacy Act allows statutory bodies such as the police, IRD and Work and Income to have certain access to personal information. Any information properly required will be provided by STAT Recruitment, provided appropriate authorisation and identification are sighted.



Team responsibilities 

▪ During the course of employment, STAT Recruitment employees will have access to, and acquire knowledge from, material, data, systems and other information they could be entrusted with that is confidential about its operations, business practices and customers.

▪ STAT Recruitment employees who come into contact with or have access to STAT Recruitment’s business information, employee information, customer information or other material have a responsibility to maintain the confidentiality of that information.

▪ STAT Recruitment employees who are authorised by STAT Recruitment to access confidential information have a responsibility to ensure this information remains secure and confidential.

▪ STAT Recruitment employees who have accidentally come in contact with private or confidential information should make their manager aware of this and should keep this information confidential at all times.

▪ Any confidential information, whether oral, written, or electronic, should be treated as private and confidential. The release of any such confidential information may result in negative financial or competitive action, productive loss, or cause legal or other non-beneficial impacts on STAT Recruitment and its customers.

▪ STAT Recruitment employees are expected to be vigilant in identifying potential privacy breaches, and must take all reasonable preventative steps to ensure the protection of client and company data, both when working on site or off site. This is in line with any working from home policy which may be in place.

▪ Company employees are expected to be mindful of the possibility of unauthorised access to sensitive data occurring, and take any and all reasonable steps to prevent any potential unauthorised access. This includes but is not limited to:
– Being mindful of the possibility for any and all conversations to be overheard. Sensitive information should not be discussed in public settings.
– Confidential documentation or client data is not to be left unattended in any instance.
– Company devices are to be locked when left unattended, and STAT Recruitment employees are expected to take reasonable steps to ensure the safety of any unattended company devices in line with any mobile devices policy.
– Being mindful of the visibility of company and client information on your device(s) and the potential for unauthorised viewing. This is considered a higher risk when in public settings.
– Ensuring that any passwords and logins are kept private and confidential and not allowing unauthorised individuals to use company equipment.
– Should any STAT Recruitment employee login to any of the company software on a non-company device, they must ensure that they log out.

▪ STAT Recruitment employees with any doubts or questions about the operation of this policy must seek the advice and guidance of their manager.

▪ STAT Recruitment employees agree not to disclose, report, or use, for any purpose, any of the confidential information disclosed to them by STAT Recruitment as a result of their employment/engagement, or which STAT Recruitment employees have otherwise obtained or accessed.

▪ STAT Recruitment employees agree that the confidential information is to be considered proprietary to STAT Recruitment. Further, they agree to use the material only for the specific requirements of your job and not for any other purpose, including any actions that could be detrimental to STAT Recruitment companies, associates, contractors and customers.

▪ STAT Recruitment employees agree not to remove any confidential information from its place of business, and to conceal the confidential information in a location separate from other records and documents. In addition, all STAT Recruitment employees agree not to reproduce the information or store it on a computer or device that is accessible to persons to whom discloser may not be made to, as described in this policy.

▪ STAT Recruitment employees shall not, whether during the currency of their employment/engagement or after its termination for whatever reason, use, disclose or distribute to any person or entity, otherwise than as necessary for the proper performance of their duties and responsibilities under this policy, or as required by law, any confidential
information, messages, data or trade secrets acquired by them in the course of performing their services under their employment/engagement.


Team responsibilities  

▪ Should a privacy breach occur, the Privacy Officer must be notified as soon as practicably possible.


(Updated June 2024)