International Doctors

The lifestyle that living in New Zealand or Australia can provide for you and your family is second to none.

As an overseas trained doctor the first hurdle is becoming registered in either country and depending on your skills, experience and primary degree this can dictate where and how you can enter. This is where having a registration specialist comes in handy!

Meet Jo our Registration Specialist. There is not much she has not dealt with and knows the ins and outs when it comes to the angle you need to take. If you have never tried before you may not know that it pays to get your medical registration application right the first time to avoid costly and frustrating delays. Click here for tips on what you need to know to avoid costly mistakes of the registration process.

What can you expect?

Being trained in a comparable health system means things are a little more straightforward however depending on your experience this may vary. The best first step is to send us your CV, then talk to Jo or one of our team about the plan to achieve your career and lifestyle goals.

Typically comparable health system entrants can expect job opportunities and placements ranging from 3 Р12 months. All other applications usually require a year minimum, however, this can all depend on your training, qualifications and experience. Whilst there is definitely a few more details to be sorted we can usually find a way in most cases, it just takes a bit of time and commitment to achieve it.

Plan Your Career and Work Balance

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