Why work with a medical recruitment agency?

Many people often ask what are the benefits of working with a medical recruitment agency? Is it not better to go direct? It will cost me to use an agency? Here at STAT Recruitment, we have been bringing doctors and healthcare providers together for more than 20 years. Doctors trust us to find them the perfect fit for their career and lifestyle. Some of the benefits of using an agency include: - We take care of all the paperwork - We can put you forward for a role or placement quicker - We are...

Attitude is Everything

Attitude is Everything

Yes, we have heard it all before and it relates to all facets of our personal and professional lives. Attitude is Everything! And being a great locum is no different.   Everyone can locum, whether you embrace it and choose to do it more regularly or even on a full-time basis, usually comes down to the attitude you choose to bring to the table. And don’t get us wrong qualifications and experience are a key component in the equation, but added to a super-star attitude will make those who get it...

Preferred Supplier to NZ DHB

Over the past few months, STAT Recruitment has been working with the appropriate agencies in the New Zealand health sector to provide input and tender for the procurement of locum and permanent doctors. The objective, as part of their pandemic planning and pathway, was to ensure that NZ District Health Boards have a reliable pool of professional recruitment agencies who can provide a continuous supply of Doctors ready to work. We are delighted to have been recognised and included on the panel...

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