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Yes, we have heard it all before and it relates to all facets of our personal and professional lives. Attitude is Everything! And being a great locum is no different.   Everyone can locum, whether you embrace it and choose to do it more regularly or even on a full-time basis, usually comes down to the attitude you choose to bring to the table. And don’t get us wrong qualifications and experience are a key component in the equation, but added to a super-star attitude will make those who get it right truly sought after.   When we look at feedback and comments from over 20 years of doctor and health providers throughout Australia and New Zealand these ones come up time and time again:

A smile – simple but true, everyone is busy, usually tired and many are stressed depending on your department. A smile starts any conversation off well ahead of the game and ensures people are more likely to listen to your needs and requests with respect, carry them out quickly and competently or give you the answers you need.

Flexibility – as a locum you will be exposed to a variety of health systems, communities, challenging personalities and heavy workloads. Appreciating your need to learn the ropes to start with and hit the ground running ensures you will be open to and embrace the excitement of something new. Taking everything in your stride will mean the weight you take off others by sharing the load will have you being asked back time and time again.

Embrace change – We are by nature creatures of habit and change is one of those things that can upset the apple cart in no time at all. However, if you expect it and are ready for it, regardless of what it might be, in most cases it won’t be that bad.

Let it go – don’t let one-off random comments born of office politics that have nothing to do with you ruin your day. If you need to vent, call your account manager – then get on do your job and at the end of the day walk away, that can be the beauty of a locum placement.

A sense of adventure – locums are a great chance to explore new locations – get excited about it, find a new favourite coffee shop, walking track or go-to place to sit and clear your head, decide to enjoy it all and you might find hidden gems that make your heart sing.

Teach others – as a senior doctor, your skills and experience will be sought after by other younger doctors. Pay it forward by giving them your time and knowledge. Despite potentially only being in a placement for a short time your positive influence will assist the doctors of the future and carry on long after your working years are behind you.

Don’t stop learning – clinically you will no doubt be learning all the time, but don’t forget to keep learning about people and their stories, be they patients or staff and colleagues, you might just be surprised at what insights come your way!   So decide to set yourself apart from the rest and be your best self and reach your real potential.